Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Stone the bleedin' crows, it's snowing outside. Nice and warm where I am though so it looks like I've got the best of both worlds. And I'm not cycling today so I won't freeze to death or get blown under the wheels of a lorry on the way.

How lovely, I've got a sunny view of the snow-covered Pennines. I love the Pennines, it's one of the few places that never changes. I find it really comforting that however much I worry about things close to home and change as a person, the Pennines will always be the same. It's a really weird thought that one of my friends lives the other side of them there hills. He's probably doing something similar to what I'm doing at the moment, sitting at a computer and typing things. Along with the rest of the student population of Britain.

I don't hate Gareth Gates, I feel sorry for him. I dislike Simon Cowell immensely. I find his smug satisfaction, and the genuine belief that being able to sing in tune denotes a good artist offensive and incredibly short sighted. I want to play him a tape of Husker Du and see his reaction to it. Would he just think that it is crap? I want to interview the fella. I wonder if he really believes that the music he promotes has genuine artistic merit, or if he judges and artist purely on how many singles they can shift. He gets so protective over his artists, but at the end of the day he's making conveyor belt music for 12 year old girls. Maybe that's why he is a very rich man.

I see Gareth Gates and Will Young as victims of all this. Especially the latest girl who won Pop Idle (her name escapes me, the rotund one). It's so immoral. They're going to be worked to death by that cunt Cowell and think that they are making credible music and going to have a long career, but in fact they will be ridiculed in a few years time. Exploitation on a grand scale.

It's crazy, with the whole Pop Idol thing makes Take That and Boyzone seem almost credible. That's not to say all manufactured artists are tossers, though. Elvis had his songs written for him in the same manner that pop artists do today, but is celebrated as one of the most influential and worthy popular icons of the last century. Despite dying on the chod bin.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Freddie Mercury developed his trademark wasy of using the mic stand at a gig in Wade Deacon High School, Widnes. You know, the thing where he prances with just the top half of it. The 'boom', if you will. This makes me happy for so many reasons. It mean, it's just so absurd isn't it? One of the most flamboyant rock singers of all time, fronting one of the biggest British bands of all time developed his trademark in grimy old Widnes. Plus it's a town that I've played loads of gigs in, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It's a good feeling to have rocked the same stage as the legends, but I digress.........

On the subject of Queen, how good is Roger Taylor at drums? His drumming is just so unashamedly old-fashioned. He really has that 60s sound that drummers of the era had, i.e. 'tight' yet also 'loose'. Plus the actual drums he played were physically massive, giving him a huge sound. I find this very appealing. I can't stand drum kits that are small and highly tuned. I find it really impressive the way that no matter what kit he plays you can always tell it's him playing just from the sound of the toms. Personal style is so important when playing an instrument, without it we are just session musicians. Bad ones at that.

It's really bugs me how lazy I am. People think I'm actually active, but by nature I'm a lazy bastard. The only thing that prompts me to do things is the fact that I feel really guilty sitting round wasting time. It's almost like this in built thing in my crust which says "Paul, you will be dead one day and you don't want to be in the position of regretting your lifelong inactivity". As Rollins says; "You do what you do and then you're dead". So true.

The stupidity of the general public never ceases to amaze me. I think anyone that works in a position in which they have to deal with the public will vouch for this. Last night a customer bollocked me because my place of work now closes at 10pm instead of 11pm. What the hell am I supposed to do about this? It's crazy. Does he honestly think that I'm responsible for the staffing hours being cut? Don't shoot the messanger, he's only being paid £4.50 per hour.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Sleep is for wankers.


Another freezing cold day. Nothing to do except mong around the house and wait until it's time to leave for work. The sun is shining like a bastard. Today is what I call an Alaskan Day, there's a dead clear blue sky and the sun is doing its best to give the appearance of summer. But as soon as you step out of the door it freezes your taigs off.

Can't help thinking about my mother in hospital. It blows my mind that you can replace the biggest joint in the whole skeletal system and the human body can STILL recover. It's some mad shit. In the hospital I saw photos of past hip replacements being done, and there was one in which a doctor is jamming a huge metal rod into some poor blokes pelvis pone and banging the shit out of it with a hammer!!! It's a horrible thought though. Dad was saying that when Becky had her back sorted out many years ago, he went to a lecture by the guy doing the op. This chap was showing the tools he would be using for the procedure, and, from my Dad's description, this person was a just a glorified carpenter. It just happens that the tools he uses are made of surgical grade steel, and sterilised like a bastard.

Just had a quick look at Friends Reunited for my year at school. I don't remember half of the people listed on it, either I never knew them (unlikely) or my mind is going bad. Or I'm just getting old. This ugly duckling learnt to dance.


Friday, February 20, 2004

Well here I am with my very own little Blogger. I would have set it up before now, but could not figure out how to. Bugger me, it's so easy. Too easy.

The sun is shining like a bastard but it's dead cold. I'm not one to be affected by the weather, but a sunny day lifts my spirits no end. It seems like everyone gains a spring in their step and cars are a bit more shiny than usual.

Ho hum.........where to go from here. Been listening to a lot of technical music recently. I listened to tech when I was a pup just learning to play the bass, but then the icy glove of rock 'n' punk grabbed my throat and distracted me from it. Still, I can't deny, whilst a lot of technical music is pure froth a lot is mighty splendid. Plus it taught me things about music that I have never forgotten.

Been reading a rather controversial book about John Lennon, which Paul McCartney described as "trash". Paints a right nastly picture of him, even though I'm sure not much of it is true. As they say, no smoke without fire. Apparently he used to bugger Brian Epstein on a regular basis, poor bloke. Imagine being buggered by Lennon!!

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